Our Pastor

It was during the summer of 2002 that Pastor Doug Pierce, his wife, Suzanne and thr

ee kids: Haley, Hannah and Reed, moved to Madison, MS to start a new work for the Lord. The vision God put within Pastor Doug’s heart was to begin a new independent Methodist church that would one day grow to over a hundred and fifty members and later become a ‘mother church’ of another congregation in a near by location. The first year was spent getting the family settled and becoming involved in the community in order to meet people and share the vision of the church.

In September of 2003, we held our first worship service at ‘The Fitness Depot’ located on Ridgecrest Drive of Madison. There were around 30 in attendance. During the past 5 years, First Independent Methodist Church of Madison has grown from Pastor Doug’s family of 4 to a membership of around 70 people. (This includes the recent addition of Riley to the pastor’s family). The congregation has ‘caught the vision’ and is reaching out to others in our community. We have just completed our new church facility just north of Madison on Hwy 51.

 The vision...To become a 'mother church' of another congregation in a near by location! 

As of today, Pastor Doug’s vision has not been completely fulfilled, but we are well on our way! God has truly blessed in a tremendous way! We need your help! The congregation and pastor would like to extend an invitation to anyone who does not have a church family to come and catch the vision we have and help us make an impact in the Madison area for the kingdom of God and for the glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Please contact us for more information concerning our worship services, directions or any other questions you might have about First Independent Methodist of Madison.